Diploma in Digital Marketing Level 4

The program is intended for students who wish to pursue a professional career in the creative discipline of digital and print media and it will also help students in creative planning and execution of visual communication. Furthermore, the program aims at equipping the students to develop their mental faculties of observation, imagination, and creation and develop skills and sensitivity towards the use of visual elements for an effective visual communication.

This program aims to produce highly employable graduates who are ready to create Business Contributions, Marketing Outcomes, and Customer Service effectively for any organization.

Students will be assessed through different methods which include assignments, exams, group presentation etc. Most of the learning is built practically in response to real world situation.

Unit’s structure of the qualification:

 1.  Introduction to Digital Marketing

2.  Search Engine Optimization

3.  Social Media Marketing

4.   Portfolio Management


Download Brochure :

Diploma in Digital Marketing Level 4.pdf